• 宏兴殴打门后续:苏宁二将因伤缺席本轮联赛

    'I'm sorry?' said Professor Umbridge loudly, cupping her hand around her ear and frowning. 'What did you say?'

  • 戈贝尔:西部半决赛水平比总决赛更高

    They all divided up obediently; Harry partnered Neville as usual. The room was soon full of intermittent cries of 'Impedimenta!' People froze for a minute or so, during which their partner would stare aimlessly around the room watching other pairs at work, then would unfreeze and take their turn at the jinx.

  • 山西男篮与“三双王”富兰克林续约

    December arrived, bringing with it more snow and a positive avalanche of homework for the fifth-years. Ron and Hermione's prefect duties also became more and more onerous as Christmas approached. They were called upon to supervise the decoration of the castle ('You try putting up tinsel when Peeves has got the other end and is trying to strangle you with it,' said Ron), to watch over first- and second-years spending their break-times inside because of the bitter cold ('And they're cheeky little snot-rags, you know, we definitely weren't that rude when we were in first year, said Ron) and to patrol the corridors in shifts with Argus Filch, who suspected that the holiday spirit might show itself in an outbreak of wizard duels ('He's got dung for brains, that one,' said Ron furiously). They were so busy that Hermione had even stopped knitting elf hats and was fretting that she was down to her last three.

  • 官方:西班牙人签约中国小将胥栩

    'Well?' Ron said finally, looking up at Harry. 'How was it?'

  • 宫鲁鸣深夜等候爱徒周琦回归

    'He did know this stuff,' Harry said heavily. 'He was really good a': it, or he could never have got to the middle of that maze. But if Voldemort really wants to kill you, you don't stand a chance.'

  • 尴尬!尤文祝福赫迪拉,却搞错德国国旗颜色

    Maybe next time . . . if there was a next time . . . she'd be a bit happier. He ought to have asked her out; she had probably been expecting it and was now really angry with him . . . or was she lying in bed, still crying about Cedric? He did not know what to think. Hermione's explanation had made it all seem more complicated rather than easier to understand.

  • 张琳芃:小将张玉宁很有能力,其实我也不老

    'Yeah, but apart from that,' said Ron, sounding aggravated. 'I mean, he's a grouchy git, isn't he?'