• 埃尔维:四分卫林奇会比预计得更快准备好出场

    One of the Death Eaters shot their own Stunning Spell at Neville; it missed him by inches. Harry and Neville were now the only two left fighting the five Death Eaters, two of whom sent off streams of silver light like arrows which missed but left craters in the wall behind them. Harry ran for it as Bellatrix Lestrange raced right at him: holding the prophecy high above his head, he sprinted back up the room; all he could think of doing was to draw the Death Eaters away from the others.

  • 吴庆龙:刘志轩缺席因川辽冲突

    'Very good, Potter, very good . . .' said Malfoy slowly. 'But the Dark Lord knows you are not unintell-

  • 国青朱荣振获曼海姆杯最佳中锋

    A few of the Death Eaters laughed.

  • 哈里斯:腰伤无碍,都是床不好

    'You haven't told me what's so special about this prophecy I'm supposed to be handing over,' he said, playing for time. He moved his foot slowly sideways, feeling around for someone else's.

  • 大卫-罗宾逊:邓肯还能再打几年

    'Harry, we saw Uranus up close!' said Ron, still giggling feebly. 'Get it, Harry? We saw Uranus - ha ha ha - '

  • 半场战报:威廉失破门良机,巴西0-0秘鲁

    They were at the end of row ninety-seven; Harry turned right and began to sprint in earnest; he could hear footsteps right behind him and Hermione's voice urging Neville on; straight ahead, the door through which they had come was ajar; Harry could see the glittering light of the bell jar; he pelted through the doorway, the prophecy still clutched tight and safe in his hand, and waited for the others to hurtle over the threshold before slamming the door behind them - '

  • 吉鲁破门帕耶特献绝杀,法国3-2喀麦隆

    'Longbottom?' repeated Bellatrix, and a truly evil smile lit her gaunt face. 'Why, I have had the pleasure of meeting your parents, boy.'