• 费舍尔正式离婚,将付大额赡养费

    'Very well, Potter, I will take your word for it this time, but be warned: the might of the Ministry stands behind me. All channels of communication in and out of this school are being monitored. A Floo Network Regulator is keeping watch over every fire in Hogwarts - except my own, of course. My Inquisitorial Squad is opening and reading all owl post entering and leaving the castle. And Mr Filch is observing all secret passages in and out of the castle. If I find a shred of evidence . . .'

  • 谢峰:锋线球员必有调整,队员理解换帅决定

    Signed: Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister for Magic

  • 胡卫东:希望球队早日走出困境

    The fireworks continued to burn and to spread all over the school that afternoon. Though they caused plenty of disruption, particularly the firecrackers, the other teachers didn't seem to mind them very much.

  • 范子铭:若无篮球,此刻我在高考

    His scar was hurting . . .

  • 谢尔曼:爆轰军团“正值巅峰”

    Filch seemed to be in an extremely good mood; he hummed creakily under his breath as they climbed the marble staircase. As they reached the first landing he said, Things are changing around here, Potter.'

  • 詹姆斯谈勇士:必须严格执行计划

    They stared at each other so long that Harry felt his eyes watering. Then Umbridge stood up.

  • 虽败犹荣,罗马尼亚主帅满意球员们的表现

    As Dumbledore spoke, Harry heard a rustle behind him and rather thought Kingsley whispered something. He could have sworn, too, that he felt something brush against his side, a gentle something like a draught or bird wings, but looking down he saw nothing there.